Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How to excite a man?

3 How to excite a man? Sex, men, everything is equal? No, it was discovered that a new study.
A search of the Kinsey Institute, the U.S. was based on focus groups (focus groups, in English). The men talked about what influenced the desire and sexual arousal. It was found that: What excites a man, generally, is that "cools" the other, an erection is not always a sign of sexual arousal and not every man wants to jump in bed at the earliest opportunity.
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"We do not often tend to sit – in view of research – with other men or groups of men and talk about such intimate topics as what [...] influences the desire and sexual arousal and the topic or question of where, in all this, enter the penis, "said Dr. Erick Janssen, one of the authors of the study.


Erick and his team organized six focus groups, which had 50 men, aged between 18 and 70 years. The majority was Caucasian heterosexual who talked about what excited sexually and that increasing or inhibiting the excitement. The results were reported in the April edition of the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.
Men said to have erections without necessarily being excited, while some, especially the elderly, said that could be excited without having an erection. Some used masturbation to improve when the "do not feel very well" or a "great way" to end the sadness.
Many said they are confident and feel good about the same commonly led to feeling sexually excited (while "feeling like crap" had the opposite effect). And for many, a woman self is also more desirable than one that did not feel good about herself. In addition to a beautiful body and beautiful face many men thought that the intelligence was "very attractive" and "very exciting".
The climate and the sense of emotional connection also influence arousal for men. And while the scent of a woman can be the key for some, not for others. However, "an overwhelming majority" said to be walking, camping or doing picnic, for example, stimulated their desire and arousal.
As a whole, the findings from more nuances to the picture of male sexuality that is promoted in magazines for men, pointed Erick. "There is a huge variability among men in how easily they can excite or cool or how easily they experience sexual desire and arousal," he explained. "The difference within the group male or female within the group is much larger than the average of the differences between the sexes in almost anything sexual."
In fact, said the researcher, 30% of women can be sexually excited more easily than most men. "This study is challenging the idea that men are simple," he said

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